25 Replies to “Steven Gerrard – Liverpool Legend”

  1. I hate what football became these days. With no value which really matters.
    That’s why I admire Steven so much just as Maldini. One life, one heart,
    one club <3

  2. bale 100 million, at the same age gerrard would be worth twice that dont
    care i said it.

  3. He is the only liverpool player who plays with honor and always giving 100%
    . He deserve better teammates

  4. love it, I’ll post it on my channel and you are best <3 good luck captain
    you are our best LFC player

  5. Not good bye, but so long. Heart of Liverpool. YNWA. You’re the best
    skipper and midfielder of the world.

  6. He is the only one that plays giving his 200 % . Steven is a legend in the
    premier league!

  7. A Legend, and icon!! He is and always will the heart of LFC!!!
    Thank’s for everything Steven!! You will be missed when you leave!! 

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