Steven Gerrard wants Boys to Play more than their Strength

Steven Gerrard reckons if the boys in the academy of Liverpool are dreaming about representing the first team of the club, they must keep enhancing their ability and keep taking their game to another level because the Reds have an extraordinary first team squad these days and breaking into that squad is no joke.

As per Gerrrard, he does not doubt the potential that is there in the academy. There is enormous potential. The boys are very, very good, but, just being good is not enough to take them to the first team. They need to set themselves apart from the rest to make that step further because the level of the first team has gone higher in the recent times.

Gerrard recalls that it was not the case in the nineties or in the early two thousands. Liverpool was a brilliant team back then too, but, the competition for places in the first team was not like as it is now. Right now, every player involved with the first team is a class act and if you are looking to replace somebody in that team, you must be a class act too. You can’t just be good and get a look in there.

Gerrard has been given the charge of the academy from this season onwards and he stresses that he won’t bring any drastic changes to the way things have been carried out in the academy over the years. The club runs on certain sets of principles and his work will be based on the same principles. The only thing that he will try and do is to put one thing into the mind of the youngsters that they will have to train their backsides off day in day out if they have to earn the Liverpool first team cap.