Steven Gerrard says why Antonio Conte is doing so impressively in Chelsea

The vast majority of the current 2016-17 English Premier League season has seen Chelsea dominating at the top of the top tier competition.

When this season was about to start, there was huge expectations as world-class and renowned managers would be arriving in the Premier League.

JurgenKlopp, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte are all of the popular coaches that arrived to the English Premier League in this season and even though it has been a fairly competitive campaign, Antonio Conte has mostly been guiding his team to impressive performances and victories without any other team really being able to compete.

With 34 league matches played, Chelsea has collected 81 points while the 2nd place team Tottenham Hotspur is following them closely behind with 77 points in the same amount of games.

Steven Gerrard has voiced his thoughts and said why he thinks that Antonio Conte has been so impressive at the helm of Chelsea as the Liverpool legend said:

“He spots things very quickly. When it was all going wrong at the start of the season, he switched from four to three at the back. Even against Manchester City when they were wide open and De Bruyne and David Silva were causing problems he took a defender off and put NemanjaMatic on. He stiffened it up and managed the game and Chelsea saw it out. That’s down to his tactical genius. He spots things quickly, acts quickly and that’s what got them over the line.”

There is a realistic chance that Steven Gerrard will become the head coach of Liverpool in the near future and take charge of the 1st team as he is currently in charge of the under 18’s team and JurgenKlopp said that Gerrard has what is needed in order to take on the main squad.