Steven Encourages Young Players Of The LA Galaxy

Steven Gerrard might not be active on the field anymore, but he definitely makes it a point to show his association with his club and help out new joiners to feel as if they are part of an extended family.

In a recent interview he stated how he remembered the first time when he signed on a first contract. He remembers how he signed on the dotted lines with sweat building up and butterflies in his stomach. The smiles on the faces of his family members as well as friends as they welcomed his big news are also a memory that he still cherishes.

He is now involved with the Special Olympics team named LA Galaxy Southern California, whose roster for 2016 has been announced. Gerrard was present when the twenty players signed up contracts to be part of the LA Galaxy. He shared his feelings with them, telling them that it was their big day and they should cherish the same.

He announced his congratulatory wishes and stated that it was a beginning of a special relationship with the players and the club. He is considered to be a soccer legend and he had the just act of handing over the new signings along with words of encouragement. He was right beside the head coach and general manager of the club at the Stubhub center, the champions lounge. These events are not new for Gerrard but it did bring back the memories of how he felt when he himself signed up to be a member of the club. He stated that it was a big responsibility for him and that he would try and support the members of the club, especially the new members who would be part of the special team. He hopes that the synergy would build to great levels among the members.