15 Replies to “Liverpool vs Basel 1 : 1 – Steven Gerrard post-match interview”

  1. Still Are best player by far can’t believe people even continplate he’s
    finished!.if sterling wants to be a top player he needs to step it up he’s
    been awful! His final ball is turd!.gotta feeling he’s gonna be another
    British winger that dies out! Examples..Aaron Lennon,jermainepennant
    pennant,theo Walcott etc

  2. Aww poor Stevie. All jokes aside I honestly feel if Gerrard don’t ever win
    a epl as a player he will as a manager. 2017, 2023 I couldn’t say but can
    definitely see it happening. 

  3. Great self-criticism from our captain. He need to have players who feel the
    colors as much as he feels them

  4. I miss this after the match, I thought it couldn’t be so fast in YouTube
    but here it is… Thanks a lot

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