6 Replies to “Kenny Dalglish on Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s new deal”

  1. Gerrard outplayed by a man bought out of retirement who is also 6 years older than him – a disgrace!

    Also Gerrard captained a team who let a 37 year old man who cant tackle or run – completely boss the game?? Where is his influence …its gone!

    He runs around – after 600 games in midfield – still not knowing where to be to influence games? Its pathetic! He pings 50 yard passes when 10 yards to a team mates feet should do!

    What is Stevie playing at? We were half decent before he came back!

  2. We need a new captain if we want to move forwards!

    Stevie Gee is finished as a force in the prem and produces exactly the same as the Norwich, Stoke, and Swansea midfielders do, nothing more at all!
    If you dont believe that – check the stats!

    If we want to do the same as the past 5 years and win fuk all, then we keep Gerrard as our failing capt.

    No player…REPEAT….NO PLAYER is brilliant aged 22 – 27 and then just as good 30 – 34, it is not possible! He has been deteriorating for years!

  3. Every right to look worried – when you lose legendary status, you seldom win it back!

    Keep width when Carroll is on the pitch – DO NOT TAKE CROSSERS OFF
    Dont EVER play Kuyt up front on his own!
    Always take Henderson off by 65th min.he has 1 lung FFS
    Give Suarez a rest every 6 games – he’s knackered
    Keep the Skirtl/Agger partnership FIT
    Never play Jamie in Midfield – worst passer/biggest hoofer I HAVE EVER SEEN

    = WIN PREM

  4. Kenny does suffer fools! He keeps buying and picking them. I expected a VAST improvement on Rafa’s dross at the end of his reign and def. a MASSIVE improvement on Roy Bodgson reign of terror. But this is TEPID football. No team plays so so well and never scores at home its a RECIPE FOR DISASTER KENNY!
    The team is LAME in front of goal and even LAMER when playing any team in the bottom 10.
    No genuine title challenge in about 18 years and even spurs think we’re easy to subdue.


  5. a good player, but will never win the league with Liverfool, he should have left after winning the Champions League and become a great player, is just his Scouse mentality that makes him think he is loyal, loyal maybe, successful never..

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